Ongoing Group of Committed Practitioners

“Alert to the needs of the journey,
those on the path of awareness,
like swans, glide on,
leaving behind their former resting places.”

In September, 2023, we began offering a group for those committed to Buddhist practice. It is meant to provide support for its members as we leave our “former resting places” behind and venture into uncharted territories in our lives and in our minds. The co-facilitators, Emily Serkin and Anita Whelan, are both psychotherapists as well as students and practitioners of Buddhism. They are facilitating a group of committed meditators who want to apply Buddhist philosophy to the trials, tribulations, and joys of everyday life as householders. They are not meditation teachers or Buddhist scholars but hope to find other like-minded sojourners who want to meditate together and to discuss the experience of meditation as well as how to put the teachings into daily practice.They are beginning each group meeting with a period of meditation, followed by the offering for discussion of a reading or section of a recorded dharma talk or a personal experience. Specifics of group size, frequency and length of meeting, and format will to some degree be determined organically by the preferences and evolution of the group. 

Our Committed Practitioners Group continues to meet on the third Tuesday month in the Eisenhower Room at Dollar from 3-4:30. The group is currently maintaining a waiting list for those who are interested in joining.If you’d like to be put on the waiting list, please contact Anita Whelan at or Emily Serkin at

For more information, contact Emily Serkin at or 510-209-7962 or Anita Whelan at or 831-539-3192.